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More than 600 photos have been taken during the ICCH17 conference. Please click the Photo album to see the photos. Pictures are taken by photographer Dennis Frandsen (press here for webpage and facebook), and are copyright protected. Please see the bottom of this page for a group photo.

Videos of keynote presentations, cultural events, awards and closing ceremony have been taken by the Center for Online and Blended Learning, the University of Copenhagen. Please see below for links to videos:

Sunday, August 12

Opening session
Cultural event: Avaat Choir
Cultural event: Leif Immanuelsen
– Welcome to ICCH17. Anders Koch, Professor, President of the IUCH
– Welcome to ICCH17. Gert Mulvad, the Local Department of the Danish Greenlandic Society for Circumpolar Health
Welcome to IUCH17. Doris J. Jensen, Ministry of Health and Research, Greenland Government
Welcome to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the University of Copenhagen. Ulla Wewer, Dean & Professor, University of Copenhagen
The era of old and new changes in Nunavut, from 1940 to present day: An Elder’s View. Levinia Brown, Elder, Deputy Minister, Nunavut
Becoming a health professional abroad and returning to serve your native population. Karsten Rex, MD, PhD student, Nuuk, Greenland

Monday, August 13
Health in the Arctic
 Cultural event: Ulf Fleischer
Arctic health and wellbeing: working better together. Rhonda Johnson, Professor, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Health challenges in a society in transition. Jon Øyvind Odland, Professor, University of the Arctic, Norway
Could the microbes of Greenland lead the way to better food, health and economy in Greenland?  Aviaja Hauptmann, Post Doc, Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland, Nuuk Greenland

Climate change and health
Cultural event: Aviaja Lumholt
Health risks of and adaptation to a changing climate. Kristie Ebi, Professor, Washington, USA
A One Health perspective on climate change in the Arctic. Tom Hennessy, Director, Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Planet Youth and Reykjavik as Healthy City. Ingibjörg Thorisdottir, PhD student, Reykjavik University

Tuesday, August 14
A view on health from within
Cultural event: Uummannaq Child Home
Circumpolar approaches to suicide prevention. Allison Crawford, associate professor, Toronto, Canada
The professional patient. Sten Lund, Research coordinator, Nuuk, Greenland

Health in transition
The Russian Arctic, population changes in the recent past and future. Anastasia Emelyanova, University of Oulu, Finland
Diabetes among Arctic Inuit. Marit Eika Jørgensen. Professor, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuberculosis in the Arctic. Aase Bengaard Andersen, Professor, Copenhagen, Denmark

Wednesday, August 15
Early peopling of the Americas and the new world Arctic. Eske Willerslev, Professor, Copenhagen, Denmark
Genetics of complex diseases in Greenlandic Inuit. Anders Albrechtsen, Associate professor, Copenhagen, Denmark
Bridging the Genomic Divide: Why integrating genetics/genomics into health care matters for Circumpolar Indigenous peoples. Laura Arbour, Professor, Victoria, Canada

Closing ceremony
Research in the Arctic. For What and for Whom? Bo Lidegaard, Historian and Advisor, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hildes and Jens Peder Hart Hansen Awards ceremony; Welcome to Saint Petersburg 2021; and Closing remarks

Aavaat Choir: http://video.ku.dk/secret/35454207/4ba76f86326f4116f1ee7ed1b95be9d7
Leif Immanuelsen: http://video.ku.dk/secret/35454465/60d80db228e0fafee53fcfae06a3e5ca
Ulf Fleischer: http://video.ku.dk/secret/35454354/e71cb5d57402849b97c6d53a1fb31396
Aviaja Lumholt: http://video.ku.dk/secret/35454250/c2010a9150b3324d14f7ad428972991d
Uummannaq Child Home: http://video.ku.dk/secret/35454444/8cecf57e1f4dec312c38995b91b7b7f0

Long video (Aavaat Choir, Aviaja Lumholt, Ummannaq Child Home): http://video.ku.dk/secret/35406376/5c9104c978eb3c551c0c094770da84f2



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