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Citizens from a number of countries need a visa to travel to Denmark. A list of these contries is found on this link.

An application for a visa to Denmark can be made no more than 3 months prior to arrival. Information on places to apply can be found using this link.

A Letter of invitation from the congress organisers is needed for a visa application. To obtain such a letter of invitation, please contact the organising committee using the mail address mail@icch2018.com. In the mail, please give the following information:

– Name of invited person
– Passport number
– Date of birth
– Information of who pays for hotel and per diem
– Period of stay

In the application procedure, the applicant will be requested to give information on reservation of flights and hotel, proof of financial means, and normally information on work, etc.

We suggest that you apply as close to 3 months prior to your arrival as possible.

While we cannot give technical advice on the visa application procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us in case of possible questions.


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