Bo Lidegaard

Keynote talk title

Research in the Arctic. For What and for Whom?
The Arctic is a focal point for scientific research in a wide range of areas, sometimes highly related to societies in the Arctic, sometimes less so. What does Arctic research owe to the people living in these regions – and how do we ensure that Arctic communities benefit from research in their part of the world?

Short biography

Dr. Bo Lidegaard (born 1958) is a Danish historian, writer and strategic advisor, formerly a diplomat and editor. He was born in Greenland and has engaged throughout in issues relating to Greenland and developments in Arctic.


Bo has served in the Danish Foreign Service (1984-2005), as the top European, international and national security advisor to consecutive Danish Prime ministers (2005-11), and as Executive Editor-in-Chief at Politiken, the leading Danish daily (2011-16). Bo continues to publish weekly columns in Politiken and contributes op-eds to international media.


In addition to his engagement in the public debate Bo also provides strategic advice to governments and within the corporate world, especially on European issues.


During his tenure in the Foreign Service, Bo was posted to Geneva (1987-90) and Paris (1997-2000). At the Office of the Prime Minister, Bo worked intensely with the European agenda and international security. He was heading the preparations for the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit, and as the Danish Sherpa he participated in G20 preparations and summits.


Bo Lidegaard has published a number of rewarded volumes on contemporary history, the development of the welfare economy and international affairs.



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