Doris J. Jensen

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Short biography

Born October 30, 1978, in Ilulissat
Husband: Ejvind Jensen
Children: Niviaq J. Petersen and Aviaq J. Petersen.
Cohabiter’s children: Monica Jensen and Aqqalooraq Jensen
Political party: Siumut, Social democratic party in Greenland.

2018              Leaders traning, Ledelsesakademiet, Nuuk
1995-1998    Grammar School A-levels / High-school certificate, Avannaani Ilinniarnertuunngorniarfik / Senior High School of Northern Greenland in Aasiaat
1995              Primary and lower secondary school, Ilulissat 1984 and Sønderborg, Denmark

Professional experience
– Social environmental worker, Nuuk
– Employee with the Siumut Party headquarters, Nuuk
– Shop assistant / Sales clerk, Ilulissat, Aasiaat and Nuuk
– Organizer of the youth program »Oqarit«, Ilulissat
– Voluntary work in Kenya with Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (MS Danish Association for International Co-operation)

Political posts
2002-            Member of the Greenland Parliament
2005-2006   Minister for Culture, Education, Research and Church
2009              Danish MP for The Siumut Party in Greenland from October 8, 2009 until
November 30, 2009 (temporary substitute for MP Lars-Emil Johansen)
2011-2014    Danish MP for The Siumut Party in Greenland
2006-2008    Member of Nuuk Municipal Council
2009-            Member of Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq Municipal Council, 2nd vice mayor
2014-2016    Minister for Health and Nordic Cooperation
2016- 2018   Minister for Education, Culture, Research and Church
2018-             Minister for Health and Research

Honorary posts
– President of Siumut Youth, 1992, local president of Siumut in Aasiaat, 1996-1998, national president 1999-2005
– Member of Sorlak, Greenland Youth Council, since 1992, president 2002
– Member of Siumut National Committee since 1997, vice-president 2009-2011
– ICC delegate for Siumut 2004-2006
– Delegate to the Nordic Youth Committee

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