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Dear colleagues,

Welcome to the 17th  International Congress of Circumpolar Health (ICCH17).

The conference takes place August 12-15, 2018, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Overall organizer is the International Union for Circumpolar Health (IUCH), and local organizer the Danish Greenlandic Society for Circumpolar Health.

The ICCH congresses are held every third year in different locations in the circumpolar area and represent the largest scientific meetings worldwide on circumpolar health. The focus of the conferences is any aspect related to health in Circumpolar areas.

The overall focus of this year’s conference is ‘Moving Circumpolar Health Forward’. Arctic areas and populations in Arctic areas are at present going through major changes related to environmental, social and living conditions that all affect health. In this conference, we wish to focus on what the future may bring to health of populations in circumpolar areas, and how health of populations in these parts of the world may be improved.

The conference consists of keynote lectures and presentation of accepted abstracts in oral sessions or poster presentations. If there are special wishes or suggestions for oral sessions, please contact the organisers.

In addition to the scientific content of the conference, each day ends with a social event that we hope as many participants as possible will attend.

While the conference is held in Denmark, the focus of the conference is health in Circumpolar areas. Therefore, Greenland and other circumpolar areas will be central in all aspects of the conference.

Traditional events of each ICCH conference include the general IUCH assembly and presentations of the Hildes and the Jens Peder Hart Hansen medals for distinguished and young researchers, respectively. In addition, a number of side meetings take place at the conferences.

This year two new events will be introduced: ‘Lunch with the experts’ and a nation-wide sports cup between volunteer representatives from each circumpolar country/area. Stay tuned.

Also, a Summer School of Circumpolar Health and a PhD research course will take place immediately after the conference.

Copenhagen is beautiful in August, so besides an exciting scientific and social program, we hope that you will take your time to explore the capital of the Happiest people in the world.

On behalf of the IUCH, The Danish Greenlandic Society for Circumpolar Health and the organizing committee I wish you all a warm welcome to the 17th International Congress of Circumpolar Health, August 12-15, 29018, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Anders Koch, MD, PhD, MPH
Professor, Ilisimatusarfik, University of Greenland
President, The 17th  International Congress of Circumpolar Health
President, The International Union for Circumpolar Health
President, The Danish Greenlandic Society for Circumpolar Health


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